From greenwashing to greenwishing

We're sharing the knowledge about sustainable events, so you can start organising yours!

Today, sustainability has become an almost mandatory event accessory. However, there are a dozen half-solutions and pretence: brands proudly hand out "environmentally friendly" PLA cups, but they don't know - or don't want to know - that bioplastic can only decompose by industrial composting. Or offering paper straws to show that they're green, although it'd be much greener if they'd ditch straws in all - but less loud.

We know what makes a green event genuinely green.


If you'd like to know, too, download our guide, in which our experts and partners share their knowledge and opinion about the 7 areas of sustainable event management:

  • Planning
  • Venues
  • Catering
  • Decoration & Furniture
  • Technology
  • Carbon-footprint neutralisation
  • Education & communication


Download the greenguide